Goodreads: Unnatural (The Preternaturals, #1)

Author: Ruth Miranda

Published: 12th December 2016

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 2/5 (It was okay)

Official Summary: “When Sasha Devereaux enters the offices of London based genealogist Ruth Fleming, she has no idea her life is about to change.
Plummeted into a world filled with magic and lore, Sasha soon finds her vision of the world as she knew it come crumbling down, as she is forced to face the truth about herself and her origins.

“He licked his lips, as she arched an eyebrow, in a clear sign of seduction. Her ‘come on’ smile was enticing, and calling him to make a move, any kind of move. His muscles felt frozen in place, his lungs devoid of air, his breathing laboured. As if he was under some sort of spell. His acute sense of hearing now gone from him, he found it hard to focus on the sounds around him, which seemed to reach him from afar. He felt as if he was under water.
Her tongue touched her lips, wetting them, and her petite hand raised a glass to her mouth, drinking slowly, her eyes never leaving him. His eyes remained pinned on her face, and a sense of endangerment, a deep fear, grabbed hold of him. It told him to go, to leave the place and never set eyes on that face again.”” – Goodreads

Review: The Author spent a great deal of time and effort into making the supernatural species, from their history to many other other things. You got a lot of information about past events. Plus a lot of who can love who and which species aren’t allowed to get with another species. (Though that rule was broken more times than I can count, which made the ‘rare’ pairing not so rare or uncommon). I really apprentice the time spent making all the family ties and all the history.

But. This book was an extremely slow burner. It was a romance supernatural book, I don’t do romance. That was a huge part and felt like the main focus of the whole book. I kept waiting for the story to get to the point, then I realized the point was just them getting together and talking. Some romance I can handle if it not the main focus.

It just felt like nothing really happened other than the backstory of her family and his family. After about well over half the book I did start to skim read some pages due to just being a bit bored reading it.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from the Author. Does not affect my review in any way)