On the 29th April, I will be posting a butt load of reviews (hopefully). Mostly it will be short stories under 150 pages, I just want to get through a load of reviews and cut some books out of my TBR Request pile. I will be reading some before the day and hopefully some more on the day.

So first thing first is. I really really apologize for the spam that will happen. I could do mini-reviews but that not really my style. So it will be post glore. So just ignore me on that day if it becomes annoying or slap me. Whichever works for you.

Two – do you wanna join in? See who can post the most reviews? Doesn’t have to be a competition but more of a thank fuck we took a few books off our lists kind of thing. If you are game just make a comment or not and post spam on the day.

The golden rule is to have fun and kill some books. I mean read some books. I added a doggy picture just as a peace offering.