Goodreads: The Night of Two Kings: A Chronicle of Underrealm #2

Author: Rhea Newton, Garrett Robinson

Published: 30th March 2018 (Legacy Books)

Source: Patreon of the Series

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:The last Wizard King isn’t going down without a fight.

Nayala of the family Uchawi is the king of Feldemar. It’s a good life—until her liege lord, the High King of Underrealm, issues an edict ordering her to step down from the throne.

The High King has been conspiring with the merchant family of Yerrin—and until recently, Nayala thought the Yerrins were on her side. Now, if she wants to keep both her throne and the source of her incredible magical power, Nayala will have to betray her betrayers to get even.

The Chronicles of Underrealm are short stories set in the world of the Nightblade Epic, the Academy Journals, and more, and are perfect for true fans. They can be read in any order. ” – Goodreads

Review: These short stories in the Underrealm are really doing their job. Which is making me want to read the main series and find out more about this unique world that is being built.

This one does have some female on female action, be warned about that if you have an issue with that. Don’t read it. It added a nice tone to the book, showed you were the power was at. Also showed you another side of the King.

I did find it a little confusing the King business. The King was a woman, so it kept throwing me off a little because she was addressed as the King. That used to the word King being associated with a man than it just threw me a little.