Goodreads: A Glimmer of Hope

Author: Steve McHugh

Published: 01 April 2018

Source: Copy from Midas Public Relations

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Layla Cassidy has always wanted a normal life, and the chance to put her father’s brutal legacy behind her. And in her final year of university she’s finally found it. Or so she thinks.

But when Layla accidentally activates an ancient scroll, she is bestowed with an incredible, inhuman power. She plunges into a dangerous new world, full of mythical creatures and menace—all while a group of fanatics will stop at nothing to turn her abilities to their cause.

To protect those she loves most, Layla must take control of her new powers…before they destroy her. All is not yet lost—there is a light shining, but Layla must survive long enough to see it” – Goodreads

Review: The one thing I really like about any superhero is when they aren’t amazing straight off the bat. Where you have to watch them learn to get better, watch them make mistakes and learn from it. This book had all of that. All the characters were ‘grey’ as well, there wasn’t a clear black or white, not like how the main character viewed things. Even the bad guys weren’t all ‘bad’, the more you learned, the more you didn’t judge.

Why didn’t I rate it higher? Honestly, I don’t really know. Other than maybe I didn’t really feel all that connected to the characters. There wasn’t really an emotional attachment forged between me and the guys. Some of them came across as great, there were even some nice smooth pieces of humor here and there. But no nothing, not even a smile. Maybe if I knew a bit more about the characters I would feel some kind of connection, but there wasn’t really a place or a time in this book to get to know them. Hopefully, in the second you get to see more. The only person I felt any kind of connect to was Chloe, her sassiness came through so clear.

The story was very unique throwing a huge range of different things at you. Too much? A little in places. I struggled a bit keeping track of who was who and what their ‘abilities’ were or what they were. Otherwise, it kept me very interested. I wanted to know more, I wanted to see how it would play out.


(Disclaimer: I got a copy from Midas Public Relations. Does not affect my review.)