Goodreads: Not From the Stars (His Majesty’s Theatre Book 1)

Author: Christina Britton Conroy

Published: 15th August 2017 (Endeavour Press)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:Theatre is true love…

This wonderful novel, perfect for theatre lovers and Downton Abbey enthusiasts, is set in Yorkshire, England, in 1885. Bertha Roundtree, wife of Anthony Roundtree, dies in childbirth, leaving her infant daughter Elisa behind.

Once wealthy, the Roundtree family is destitute after Anthony gambled away its fortune.

Anthony Roundtree is a cruel man.

He has no interest in his infant daughter, leaving her to be raised by his spinster sister Lillian, a rather simple woman with no dowry and no prospects, and a cruel governess.

Anthony is determined to turn Elisa into a lady, and marry her off to Sir John Garingham, who wants the tomboy Elisa turned into the perfect lady – no matter what it takes.

But the betrothal goes awry when Elisa develops a mind of her own, a passion for her art teacher, and an obsession with the theatre.

And her youthful vigour is about to lead into a glamourous world with a dark underbelly…” – Goodreads


Review: It did switch about a bit, going from one character to another and then another. It kind of introduced one person then linked people together as they met for the first time. It wasn’t overly confusing, just kept you on your toes wondering how this new character was going contribute to the mix.

I liked how involved it made you feel about the characters. It made you root for them, made you feel for them. You wanted to see them happy. It was also interesting to see some of the history from back then. I didn’t realize that you could be arrested for kissing someone of the same sex as you.

Sex is detailed in places, just be aware of that. It wasn’t over the top or anything like that. Just making a note in case someone has an issue with it.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from the Author, does not affect my review)