Goodreads: Pray for the Innocent

Author: Alan Orloff

Published: 6th March 2018 (Kindle Press)

Source: Netgalley (Contacted by Author)

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Can former best-selling novelist Mathias King—now a rumpled, grizzled English professor—save America from a terrorist of his own making?

In the shadow of the Pentagon, a secret DoD brain research experiment goes terribly wrong, and an ex-Special Ops soldier escapes, believing he is Viktor Dragunov, the Russian operative from the 80’s thriller novel, Attack on America. To capture him, the Feds turn to the person uniquely qualified to predict his next moves, the man who created the fictional character, best-selling author Mathias King.

Now a reclusive English professor, King is reluctant to get involved, having sworn off the culture of violence after a deranged fan murdered his wife. But when innocent people start dying, King is thrust back into that dark world. With help from his enthusiastic graduate assistant Emily Phan, King must outsmart his own creation—while outmaneuvering the cover-up-loving Feds—before Dragunov succeeds in his hell-bent mission.

To destroy America.” – Netgalley

(Disclaimer: I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)

Review: Not going to lie I went into this with a pinch of salt. I didn’t think the blurb was very plausible. Or that it was going come across as a bit cheesy. Oh, boy was I so wrong. So very very wrong. The Author made it as plausible as humanly possible when writing a fictional piece of work. It was very intelligently done.

I did get a little bored, it did feel like it just kept going on and on. It felt fast paced in places and then in the middle, it just felt like very slow, even when the action was happening. That was most likely just me and not the book.

Overall I just liked how it played out, how it went from one thing to another. Keeping you on your toes.