Goodreads: The Shadow Tribe

Author: Jaffrey Clark

Published: 8th October 2017 (JClark Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Aruna is a land of magic. It’s capitol, the city of Terron, is home to some very unique, magical children. Homeless, destitute, and searching for answers to explain their condition, their search first leads them to each other. Second, it puts them on a collision course with the sorcerer, Abigor. With few allies in a world that has forgotten them, the Shadow Tribe begins to make itself known.

Get Books 1-3 of The Shadow Tribe in one, and meet the characters that make the name.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Author. This does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: Really enjoyed it, the book is split into 3 parts. You can read the 3 parts separately, or as a whole. I read it as whole been as they were so short. I liked how it was split; it introduced the 3 main characters perfectly. There was a lot of gaps in the story, plus a lot of hints towards other parts. The 3 main characters all have the same form of memory loss. So the gaps aren’t annoying. The hints leave you wanting more.

Just the overall story and the characters were on point. Everyone had their own stories, which made ever character more meaningful. Plus made all their own purposes more clear. They weren’t going through the motions for the sake of it, each had their own reasons. They weren’t one layered. Which is nice to see in characters that weren’t the main ones. It added more weight to the whole story. Who doesn’t love a dog as a character?

I got hooked from the beginning, the pacing was very well done. It didn’t take me long into the story to begin rooting for the characters, plus wishing some of them to lose. (They know who they are.)

There were some spacing issues and some basic grammar mistakes. They weren’t everywhere, just a random one here and there. I sent a list off to the Author. Should all be fixed by the time my review is posted.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Really great story.