Goodreads: The Inside Joby (A Jill Hunter Story Book 3)

Author: Ari Rose

Published: 20th May 2017 (Timely Publishing)

Source: My own copy

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “When Jill Hunter receives a call to work a job for Josie Slater, a defense attorney, she knows it will be interesting. When she learns that the woman’s husband, who she will be investigating is an FBI agent, she fears it will be too interesting.

Josie tells her that she believes her husband is plotting to have her killed, and that the private investigator she previously hired was so scared by what he learned, he refused to continue. Jill must find him and learn what scared him so much.

Can Jill crack the case or will she become a victim?” – Goodreads

(Some spoilers)

Review: This short sits at 35 pages, so it a fast read. It not has action packed as the previous two short stories but is still a decent bite size. I did think the bad guy took the bait a bit too easy, he the head of a security firm. He should have saw through the trap easy enough. Why would someone meet up with you twice to discuss the same thing as before, comes across as fishy. Plus he trying to trap an FBI agent. Maybe he just that arrogant or stupid.

Either way was a nice easy read. Would be nice to get to know the main character a bit more. Hopefully with the other short stories in the series you will.