Goodreads: The Dead Room

Author: Christ Mooney

Published: 1st August 2009 (Penguin Books)

Source: Audiobook

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “When Special Investigator Darby McCormick is summoned to search for a missing teenage boy, she has no idea the case will come to haunt every waking moment. The boy had been in the care of a man whose fingerprints reveal him to be long-dead gangster, Frank Sullivan, killed by the FBI some 20 years earlier.” – Goodreads

Review: Audiobooks are starting to grow on me, I enjoyed this one a lot at work. This is the first book that I have read by this Author and in this series. So I went in with a completely clean slate. I didn’t feel confused at all. It did give me some background questions, but they were more on the line of I wanted to know more. I wanted to read the other in the series that I had missed. Works fine as a standalone

I really like how it started off. The start was a great introduction to who the main character is as the core of her character. A hard-working, smart kick-ass woman. I also like how the Author didn’t brush over the science of things, he went into detail and explained. It made you feel immersed in the environment.

That ending *claps* also that twist with the mother *claps*. Well done sir.