Goodreads: Patterns of Brutality (Book 2 of Erter & Dobbs thriller series)

Author: Nick Keller

Published: 26th September 2017 (NKBooks)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “A cold case turns hot when Erter & Dobbs discover the killer is still slicing and dicing. As they get closer to catching their man, the price gets higher forcing them into a debt they may not be willing to pay off.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I got a free copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review)

Review: The Author is keeping on par with how great his first book was, he hasn’t let up from setting his standards high. Which is great to see when you can see a book series going for quite a few books.

The main thing I like about this series so far is the dynamic relationships that are going on. They aren’t the standard norm but at the same time, they work in their messed up way. Everyone is different, different past, different mindset but at the end of it all, they just want to catch the bad guys. No one is purely good or purely bad. Everyone is just grey.

I did not see that ending. Did not at all. Be really interesting to see where this goes. Dark and twisty I think.