Goodreads: Peonhood

Author: Rosalyn Kelly

Published: Unsure believe start of January 2018

Source: Email subscription to the Author’s site

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Wevo, a leader of the peon rebellion, is forced to take brutal action to save his comrades from early discovery, mere days before the first assault is planned.  But not all is what it seems…

Who are the peons?  And why do they fear peonhood?  Find out now in the new fantasy short story from Rosalyn Kelly.” – From Author’s site

Review: This is a very short read. Felt a bit too short but at the same time, it did its job of making me want to know more. It a short story set in the same world of her other book Melokai. Which I haven’t read yet, I will have once this review is out. Did this short story make me want to know more about that world? Where men are peon and treated like slaves? Yes it did. Good job.

I found the amount of names a little confusing over a short space of a few pages, but that could just be my dyslexia talking as well. Did feel a little information dumping when it came to their ‘jobs’ but there was no way around that I felt either. – Free from Author’s site if you subscribe along with another book of hers.