Goodreads: Fallen (Will Trent #5)

Author: Karin Slaughter

Published: 21st June 2012 (Arrow)

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Special Agent Faith Mitchell returns home to a nightmare. Her baby daughter Emma has been locked outside, and there’s a trail of blood to the front door.

Without waiting for back-up, Faith enters the house. Inside a man lies dead in a pool of blood. Most worrying of all, her mother is missing.

When the Atlanta police arrive, Faith has some difficult questions to answer. But she has some desperate questions of her own. What were the killers searching for? And where is her mother?

Suspended from duty, Faith turns to her work partner, Will Trent. Together he and Sara Linton must piece together the fragments of a brutal and complicated case, and catch a vicious murderer with only one thing on his mind.

To keep on killing until the truth is finally revealed.” – Goodreads

Review: First off, how can you burn soup? Like seriously how can you do that. Anyway onto the review. The really big thing that made me like this book so much was the fact that it didn’t feel like it had a main character. Will Trent plays an extremely important role but all the women around him also had very key roles as well. You also got to see an equal amount of time with them. Which just enriched the story, adding layers and more tones to all the characters.

His boss omg she is one ball-busting lady but damn did I not like her a lot. I liked that she wasn’t all sunshine and roses, she forced him to think, to use his brain to work out the problems. To solve them. She didn’t it easy in order for him to grow, in order for him to earn the answers. Her best line “Wipe the dirt out of your vagina.” She said to him. Priceless.

The story wasn’t your run of the mill either. It had many layers and tones. The story was very rich, it wasn’t easy. You had to think, you had to learn with them to figure out where it was all heading. Which is a refreshing change. I will have to read more by this Author. First book I have read by her.