Goodreads: Dating in the Apocalypse: Jenny “The Rebound”

Author: Christopher John Chater

Published: 15th August 2016 (Chater Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Tom Collins, the doomsday dater, just made a harrowing escape from the marauder-laden 33rd street mall, but now he has to go back to save Jenny. The attempt gets him into trouble with Midtown Clan’s leader, Murray, and Tom starts to realize that being Jenny’s savior isn’t easy. Later, Tom has to give tactical handgun training to a former cheerleading squad, hunt down a serial killer loose in his apartment building, and keep his eye on a Pomeranian named Peaches.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Author, does not affect my review.)

Review: All the books in the series are novelettes, so are nice bite size chunks of the ‘whole’ story. Which I think work in the favor of the series. I found this one much better than the first, either because I had already gotten introduced to the madness or because it was less about ‘romance’ and more about surviving. Also the humour felt less forced. That and Tom was less annoying.

The story is fast paced and keeps you sucked in. It was very realistic to a point when it came to the fight/shooting. Also come on that cheerleading scene was just hilarious.