So I got nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award by AshleyinWonderland, naughty lady. (Thanks) Originally created by Okoto Enigma. There is a lot more rules that I won’t go into or list. Check out their posts for more details.

Three (More!) Things about me:

  1. I have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) Which I can never spell to save my life. I have had since I was 11.
  2. I don’t do make-up unless I have a spot that is massive. That is more for other people’s sake than my own.
  3. I have a very weird and scary? sense of humor

Questions asked by Ashley;

1.What was/is your favourite and least favourite subject in school? I always enjoyed P.E I used to scare the other girls. (I was a little aggressive). Least would be French. (I ended up telling my teacher to fuck off under my breath and got removed from French classes for the rest of the year. Was amazing. Honestly, I wasn’t a rebel, I just got frustrated never understanding my teacher. Used to love French)

2. Do you speak more than one language? Does swearing count?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Right where I am but in my own home. I love my family too much to move from them.

4. What’s your current phone wallpaper? Some abstract mush of colors.

5. And for my ‘weird’ question, if you could only eat one specific food for the rest of your life (i.e. french fries, popsicles, etc.) what would it be? Crisps which is crisps, not chips if you are American.

I won’t nominate anyone because I feel nominating 10-20 people makes it less meaningful.


The bottom one is the first tattoo I got. I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for years. I knew I wanted one but I never knew what of. So one day while walking down town I just walked into a tattoo shop and made an appointment. I just thought fuck it. I wanted something that represented writing and me. Something to push me that extra bit to continue to write. To get off my fat ass and just do it. So I suggested a moon (I am a night owl) and a quill to the lady and this is what I ended up with. Thinking back on it I did always want the moon to be smaller, maybe the quill facing a different angle. But I knew I was just nitpicking and avoiding just getting the tattoo done. I am proud that it is my first tattoo, that it is mine.

The one next to it, people should recognize but I will cover that one in another post been as that too has its own story. Do you guys want to hear the stories of my other tattoos? I have 5 others with their own stories.