Goodreads: Blackwelder 2164

Author: Christopher D.J.

Published: 1st January 2018 (NineStar Press)

Source: Copy from Publisher

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary:  “When it comes to hitting his target, Spencer Blackwelder can’t miss. But when it comes to hitting the mark in other areas of his life, his aim is way off, which is definitely a problem when you’re a military sharp shooter preparing for war with an alien species.

As penance for past mistakes in friendship and in love, Blackwelder makes the bold choice to relocate to Fort Felix, a military base on Neptune’s moon, a decision that could end up costing him his life. Once there, he meets: Juan Miguel Arías, to whom he takes an immediate liking; Vernita Burton, a true friend; and the men and women of Brant Squad, a group of lovable losers that he eventually takes under his wing.

Blackwelder is surprised to discover he has something to live for again, but all of that is threatened when war finally arrives on Fort Felix’s doorstep. Can Blackwelder find the hero within in time to save his squad, his planet, and the man he loves?” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy from the Publisher, does not affect my review)

Review: That big battle at the end was so well done *claps* Battleships big and small, explosions, laser beams (pew pew), hand to hand combat. It had it all. And it wasn’t a crazy confusing mess either, it flowed and sang. You felt grip by the tension built.

It did feel slow in places, there was plenty of action don’t get me wrong. Just the pace felt slow for most of the book. The romance took off a little too quick I felt, going from moving base to escape a bad relationship to then jumping straight into another. Plus the way the other character picked up on the attraction straight away and told him to go for it, felt a bit too quick. It wasn’t too in your face, it was just part of the story. Which is what I prefer when romance is in a book.

You can tell by the way the world has been built that there is a lot more to explore. A lot more story to be told. So interesting to see where the Author takes it.