Goodreads: The Fire and the Forge

Author: Jack Geurts

Published: 20th November 2017

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary:Would you rather be the conquered or the conqueror?

In a world where gods pull the strings of mortals and people wield the power of the elements, the nation of Libera is attacked by its age-old enemy, the Kem, who lay waste to the land and its armies with their demonic powers of fire and steel.

Imharak, a blacksmith’s apprentice, is forced to leave his home town when it is raided and burned to the ground.

Together with his master, Gaius, he flees into the wilderness, heading for Gaius’ brother, who is caught near a city that has just been conquered by the Kem.” – Goodreads (The blurb is massive on Goodreads)

(Disclaimer: I got a copy from the Author, does not affect my review in any way)

Review: How to start this review. Was the book really good? Yes. The characters were real people, neither good or bad. Just people who make mistakes, people who grieve. What made it great as well as that was you saw all different kind of people, they all had their own abilities or none but at the heart of it, there were the same. They were all fighting for what they believed was right in their own eyes.

The fight scenes were very well done, they were real and not overly confusing. Sometimes you come across fight scenes and the Authors try to cram too much in and then it just gets plain confusing. It also was fight scenes, blood, and gore not just for the sake of it. It had a purpose to the story, it added layers.

The main character’s relationships weren’t perfect. They had to work at them, they had to learn to trust. Or in other cases they made mistakes. Or didn’t see the truth until it was too late.

Overall this book is a great start to the series. Be interesting to see where it goes.