Goodreads: The Abduction: A Jill Hunter Story #2

Author: Ari Rose

Published: 20th May 2017 (Timely Publishing)

Source: Free Copy of The Jill Hunter Short Story Omibus

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “When Jill Hunter is approached by an old colleague from her time with the police, she is determined nothing can make her go back. That is until she hears that a four-year-old boy has been abducted and the police have no leads. Jill finds herself working as a consultant alongside the police – some of her old colleagues and some new faces. Although the boy’s parents are rich, Jill soon suspects this is about much more than money, especially when she suspects the boy’s father is lying to her.

Will Jill be able to crack the case before it’s too late and save the boy?” – Goodreads

(No Disclaimer – I saw a free copy for all her shorts. I am a sucker for free stuff.)

Review: The Author’s short stories are growing on me. It like mini-bite size crime stories. Easy, fast and good stories. I like/dis-like the fact that it does skip a lot of the paperwork bullshit of a crime story. I like in the sense that it a fast read; 30 minutes at the most. Dislike because it does kind of take away the satisfaction of getting the bad guys. You don’t see all the hard-work play out. The ending was great though she came in to do a job, she did the job. Then she left. She didn’t want any of the glory involved in it.

‘Surely it hadn’t been that easy?’ – My thoughts exactly. Glad the Author didn’t sugarcoat that in the story.

(The Omibus has all 13 short stories in one book. I have split them up due to the size of the book. Error: 651 in the Omibus – None of the charities the couple mention are ones that attract the wrong sort of attention.” (No clue why the ” is there at the end)

Would I Recommend it? Yes, if you go in knowing it is a short.