Goodreads: Gray Hawk of Terrapin

Author: Moss Whelan

Published: 23rd January 2018 (Prodigy Gold Books)

Source: Copy from Publisher

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Gray Hawk of Terrapin is a heart-wrenching Y/A fantasy by Moss Whelan that introduces Melanie (Mool) Fraser.

Ever since her father’s death, Mool has been talking with an imaginary green lion named Inberl. When Mool’s mysterious uncle gets sick, she and her mother take the train from Vancouver, Canada to the inner world of Terrapin, where Inberl is arrested because he’s looking for Gray Hawk. Springing into action, Mool sets out to rescue Inberl.

Mool’s know-it-all cousin, Olga, helps track down family friend Parshmander who might know how to save Inberl. They corner Parshmander at home, where they overhear mention of Gray Hawk, but the girls are captured and interrogated. Upon release, Mool feels success when she sees a secret map, finds a hidden bridge and crosses it with Olga. On the other side of the bridge, they find a secret city that keeps Terrapin at war.

Prepare yourself for a wrenching journey laced with evil, chronicling histories of cruelty, kidnapping, and false imprisonment in search of meaning and justice.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I got a copy from the Publisher. Does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: I did have some trouble keeping track of what was going on. With the main character having a big mind for imagining things, sometimes you had to really work at what was in her mind and what was reality in that world. It wasn’t that big of an issue, you got used to it after awhile.

Overall I liked the book it was very unique, also very fast paced which made it a quick read. The un-friendship (read the book you’ll get it) relationship with Mool and Olga was very amusing at times. I liked how they were both so very different yet at the same time very alike, if that makes any sense at all.

The book focused very heavily on world building, to build these very unique and odd places. Also it focused very heavily on character building, not the main characters but all the individual characters you came across, just to build the world and the people further. It added nice layers and tones to the book and story.

Best line by Bavard (the cat)

“I’m sorry about what I said.” said the Cat. “Feed me, or I will leave something terrible in your shoes.”