Goodreads: A Cold-Blooded Business (Kate Shugak #4)

Author: Dana Stabenow

Published: 4th September 2012 (Brilliance Audio)

Source: Audio Book from Audible

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “A string of drug-related accidents at an oil company’s rig in the Arctic Circle forces Kate Shugak to go undercover to scope out a cocaine connection along the TransAlaskan Pipeline.” – Goodreads

Rambling: This was my first ever Audiobook, I tried some in the past but found I couldn’t get on with them. I work night shifts and we are allowed to listen to music. So I thought I would give it another go with another book. Plus I am a sucker for multitasking. Not going to lie I did go into bitch mode while listening to it. If someone spoke to me or tried to distract me while I was listening, they got the death glare or I just ignored them.

Review: This was my first Audiobook and it didn’t disappoint. It took sometime to get used to listening someone else voice, instead of my own voice in my own head doing the narrating. I have to hand it to the narrator, she sure can sound like a bloke when she wants to. Overall I really enjoyed the experience.

The story was good, it kept me entertained all night during my shift. I did go around giggling like a crazy person while working, at some of the funny parts to the story. It felt like this one had more humor in it than the previous books, or could just be my tired brain at 4am making me giggle. Either way the story was very solid, you felt like ever character was their own person. It didn’t take me long to dislike some and to like others.

Would I try another Audiobook? Yes but I think I will stick more to crime based ones. I like picturing other ones better if they are written in front of me. Nothing beats imagining a fantasy world being built.