Goodreads: Dead In The Water (Kate Shugak #3)

Author: Dana Stabenow

Published: 1st January 2013 (Head of Zeus)

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Once, Kate Shugak was the star investigator of the Anchorage D.A, ‘s office. Now she’s gone back to her Aleut roots in the far Alaska north- where her talent for detection makes her the toughest crime-tracker in that stark and mysterious land.” – Goodreads

Review: I read the previous two before this, the Author is getting better the more books she writes. The first I wasn’t too overly impressed with, but the second was a great improvement, same can be said for the third. I like that it was set somewhere else, that there were new characters/new elements keeping the story fresh. Also it was very clear that the Author knew what she was talking about went it came to the fishing side of things.

Overall I just like who the main character is. She a no guff kind of women, says what on her mind and isn’t intimidated easily. She also fights for what she believes in. But she not immune to harm and you do see sides of her being vulnerable. She doesn’t do it all out of the own kindness of her heart though, she needs money to live off and she not ashamed of it.

I like how the stories are shorter than your average crime book, is there no adding puff or every lining. It just purely the story and the telling of it.