Goodreads: Dating in the Apocalypse: Sarah “The One”

Author: Christopher John Carter

Published: 8th July 2016 (Chater Publishing)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “You think your dating life is tough; Tom Collins is looking for the love of his life in the middle of an apocalypse! If he can overcome murderous clans, a slave-based economy, and a meddlesome mother who designs deadly dresses for women, he might just find “the one.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Author. Does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: I quite liked the fact that it was a fast read, being a novelette. If it was longer or a full novel I think it would have annoyed me. You have to let your mind go there. Go to the place where it acceptable to get a dress after a post-apocalypse just because you can conceal a weapon in it. That it is also acceptable to wear a dress (Target) when women have become a thing to be kidnapped and sold as a product. Once you get past that, it not a bad read.
I liked the character Sarah, she was a no shit kind of girl. It was a very tongue and cheek kind of humor that the Author was going for. I saw the humor, read the humor but me personally I didn’t really laugh or smile at it. (I am hard to please when it comes to humor) Usually it when people don’t try to be funny, that I find it funny. I know I am weird. Tempted to read the second book.