Goodreads: Never Never

Authors: James Patterson & Candice Fox

Published: 25th August 2016

Source: Charity Shop

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “When Sydney police department sex crimes detective Harriet Blue is called into her boss’s office, she never imagined it would be to tell her that her brother is the prime suspect in the brutal murders of three women.

Shocked and in denial, Harry is transferred to Perth to avoid the media exposure this case will attract. Harry is sent into the outback – the never never – to investigate the disappearance of mine worker Danny Carter. The mining town is a seedy place, full of money and immoral ways to spend it. As Harry delves deeper into the murky lives of these miners, she finds that Danny isn’t the first to go missing.” – Goodreads

Review: I didn’t really like the main character, her personality just annoyed me. That being said she did grow on me, her actions spoke volumes about her as a person. I did guess pretty quickly who the bad guy was, it was a bit obvious to me. Who wasn’t there every time shit went down? There is your guy. That did not take away anything from the story.

The setting was a great focus point to the story. It in itself was it own character, adding more depth and more suspense to the story. But damn if I ever found myself working somewhere like that I would be so fast out the door. Talk about heartless dickheads. Money is everything nowadays why would it be any different in a story. I just really liked how it wasn’t your run of the mill cop/bad guy kind of story. The whole setting pretty much is one of the reason the story was so solid.

Page 6 – He rose, flicked the bi-pod down on the end of the huge gun and slung the weapon over his shoulder. (You don’t put a bi-pod down to collapse it. It would have been down for him to balance his gun.)