Goodreads: Wings of Hope (The Veil 0.5)

Author: Pippa DaCosta

Published: 19th August 2015

Source: Free from Author’s site

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary:“I am his muse. But not for long…”

When Mammon, the Prince of Greed, ‘acquires’ a half-blood slave known as ‘Muse’ for three nights, and bespells her with tales of a world where people live like kings and queens among towers of steel and glass, the seed of hope takes root in Muse’s soul. But hope, for a half-human half-demon creature like her, is a dangerous thing. Especially when that tentative hope springs from the honeyed words of a Prince of Hell. What is Mammon’s price for freedom?

Meanwhile, Da’mean, her ruthless owner, would rather see her dead, than free. She belongs to him. She is his muse. And no beast will take her from him.

The world of the elemental demons is harsh and violent. Muse’s kin are merciless, blood-hungry beasts, but little do they know, Muse has something far more dangerous coiled inside her, desperate for a taste of freedom.

Her humanity.” – Goodreads

Review: Damn it. Why did I pick this prequel up? Now I have to get the rest of the series. *Sigh* That is how good this prequel is. But then again that is the whole point of a really decent prequel, makes you want to read the rest of the series. It was very intriguing, left me wanting more. (I already brought the first book in the series because of this story)

I just liked how the world wasn’t overly described. It described what it needed to and let you pictured the rest yourself. This gave the Author more room to focus on the story and let it show itself. It isn’t a happy story, it isn’t a flowers and roses story. It a story of how Muse realizes there is more to life than being a slave.

I got this free from the Author’s site. You just sign up to her newsletter and you get this book and her other prequel called Falling.