Goodreads: Snobbity Snowman

Authors: Maria Bardyukova & Quiet Riley Jr.

Published: 1st October 2017 (Maria Bardyukova)

Source: Copy from Authors

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Snobbity Snowman has everything a snowman could possibly want: a shiny hat, freshly-picked noses and enough pride to last a lifetime. In fact, he is so selfish and shortsighted that he fails to see the instance his life starts falling apart.

What disasters must take place to open his charcoal eyes? To help him see that pride and possessions cannot bring true happiness? Will he defrost his ego and embrace the warmth of companionship?

Only Snobbity can tell.

Depicting winter in rich and whimsical tones, Snobbity Snowman’s quirky characters and unexpected twists promise to leave a lasting impression on all its snobbulous readers” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Authors. This as always will never affect my review in anyway)

Review: The puzzles/games at the end of the story was a very nice touch. Very thoroughly entertaining book and a valuable lesson is taught as well. What more could you ask for in a children’s book? I like how it very realistic, sometimes life takes things away from you. Sometimes it gives back. This book is aimed at more of a younger age of children. The illustrations were very much on point, very eye catching and who doesn’t love seeing a butt crack?

Would I Recommend it? Yes. Great read for children.