Goodreads: Portraits of a Faerie Queen

Author: Tay LaRoi

Published: 3rd July 2017 (NineStar Press)

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 5/5 (It was amazing)

Official Summary: “After several long stressful months, things are looking up for seventeen-year-old Jocelyn Lennox. She’s almost finished with her first commission gig, her family has no idea she’s not in school, and she can say for a fact that her mother is about to wake up from a coma.

But when Jocelyn meets and rescues the beautiful Rina Fischler from the depth of a seedy nightclub, things get complicated.

For one thing, the nightclub is a favorite hangout for local faeries and not all of them are friendly. For another, their queen doesn’t like it when humans stick their noses in faerie business. For a third, the queen herself is Jocelyn’s commissioner and holds the key to her mother’s healing.

Now Jocelyn must tread lightly on the thin ice she’s made for herself, finish the last of the queen’s portraits, and get as far from the Faerie Realm as possible by October 31st, for that is the night of the Hallowed Offering. On that night, the realm will renew their tie to magic and they will do so in blood.

If Jocelyn isn’t careful, they just might use hers” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy from Netgalley, this does not affect my review in anyway)

Review: This has to be my second lesbian book I have read. Which is just stupid considering I am bi-sexual. Oh man did it not disappoint. The romance was on point, the story was on point, the fighting was… Okay I think you get it. This was a very solid story, solid idea. Just everything flowed right.

The romance wasn’t unrealistic or over the top, or hide under a cover. It happened naturally up until the point faeries gone involved. Meddling little buggers. Both the women are kick-ass don’t take any shit type of people. Just my kind of people. Jocelyn sure does like her puns though. They were done to the point of being cheesy, but that was the whole idea behind them. I just really liked her character overall. She is stubborn, having the weight of the world on her shoulders. Trying to right the ‘wrongs’ she had done. But I also liked how the other characters saw straight through that.

It was good vs evil kind of story line but there was a lot of grey areas. Not everyone is all good, not everyone is all bad. The past made them who they are. Some let that define them, some didn’t. I just liked that all the characters were multi-layered. Be surprising to see how the second book plays out.

The tenses did throw me off a few times, I think that was just a issue with me personally and my weird brain.

Would I recommend it? Yes.