Going to list it like a book review, been as I thought it was going to be a full book review. Will explain below why it wasn’t.

Goodreads: The Prisms of Sarsen

Author: Precious Simpasa

Published: 16th December 2014 (Being re-published)

Source: Contacted by temporary agent

Rating: Can’t rate it.

Official Summary: “Sarsen is a world on a completely different dimension and in this world in the kingdom of Tartania, something incredible has happened. Arianne, the pyro-lynx trainer’s daughter has given birth to a healthy blue eyed, red headed girl named Lily-Ari.

Red hair is not the norm in Tartania and Arianne harbours a secret regarding her daughter’s parentage.
The secret will not only put her life in danger but may also make entire kingdom fall to the hands of darkness.” – Goodreads

Not Review: So I was contacted a while ago by an agent who is representing the Author temporarily. Got called a professional, which was just weird. I made a big point of saying I wasn’t a professional to her but still offered to help out. The book is only listed on smashwords while it being re-done. So I only had access to about 9 pages. Which isn’t a whole lot to sink your teeth into. Going to be extremely clear here; I am not a book editor, or a proofreader or a magical anything book professional. I am just a person who reads a lot, and is anal about finding mistakes. With that being said, I gave her my input. It needed some work, the author was rushing to explain everything, to build the world up instantly. Now it up to the Agent and Author what they do with that information. Hopefully it all goes really well with her redoing the book. Be more than happy to give it a read once it completed.

I set aside one of my review days for this book, so this is one of the main reasons I have made this post. Sorry for not a full review guys.