As I said in my first blog post on this series, I am no blogging expert. Learning as I am going and fucking up as I am going as well. Today lesson;

Stay ahead of yourself.

This I learnt before I even started my blog. I knew that if I was going to do this blog thingy properly I needed to keep ahead of myself. That way if I am too busy or having a shit day where I am in zero mood to read a book, I have a review to fall back onto. Right now I am 9 book reviews ahead of myself. I have 2 more books to read for this month and I am completely finished for December. Bar writing some blog posts because I just seem to get lazy when it comes to them. That and I just want to read my daily reading goal before I can go shoot some people on a game, or watch a show.

Or if you like winging it and just throwing book reviews out whenever you like, that’s fine too. We all have our own styles and way of doing things. I do 3 book reviews a minimum a week, I have to be ahead of myself else it will all go to shit.

Thanks for reading 🙂