Goodreads: The Letter: A Jill Hunter Story #1

Author: Ari Rose

Published: 10th February 2017 (Timely Publishing)

Source: Free Copy of The Jill Hunter Short Story Omibus

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “When Jill Hunter, an ex-homicide detective turned freelance investigator receives an anonymous note, at first, she thinks it’s an old colleague intent on upsetting her.

She soon learns there’s more to it when she receives the next note. Jill must try to find the anonymous sender before he kills again.

He might have pinned the last murder on someone else, but Jill is determined to stop him from doing that again.

With only her wits and intuition, Jill goes after the dangerous man, chasing him across the country and back again in the hope of preventing him from killing again.”- Goodreads

(No Disclaimer – I saw a free copy for all her shorts. I am a sucker for free stuff.)

Review: You can’t go into a crime short thinking it will be the same as a full novel. Once you accept that, you’ll enjoy the Author’s short stories. There isn’t a lot of detail or extra story fluff. It gets the key point across and speeds to the next point, which makes it a fast read. The crime isn’t anything overly original, but is a solid crime story. It does keep you interested to where it going. I did feel however it could have done with more, just more of everything. It happened very fast and was a little too consist.

The character is one sassy ass woman. Best quote of this short;

“Yeah, and I’d like a pet unicorn, we don’t always get what we want,”

(The Omibus has all 13 short stories in one book. I have split them up due to the size of the book.)

Would I Recommend it? Yes, if you go in knowing it is a short.