Goodreads: Special Minds

Author: Ally K.

Published: 18th August 2017 (

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 2/5 (It was okay)

Official Summary: “If I could split my mind, make another me, would I just see myself like in a mirror? Or would I see through two sets of eyes? And if one of us died, would it feel like me? Could I keep on living? Or wouldn’t I feel anything at all?”
If you would live your whole life in pain, do you think it would affect you? When mental and psychological pain become physical, it’s hard not to change, and Millicent Kale changed a lot.
Grief, hurt and pain follow Milly every day, but when the closest person she has dies, Milly uncovers that she’s not quite human. And she’s not alone.
Fate entangles her life with a man she would rather avoid, yet in the end making her listen to reason. Of course it’s really hard not to listen to your inner self, when she can actually punch you.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer – I received a copy from the Author. This does not affect my review.)

Review: I don’t do romance. I was told this had some paranormal/urban fantasy elements to it. 29% was the first mention of anything paranormal. I would have personally liked to have seen more of that side, vs the romance. Just not my cup of tea. That  being said, it was very well written and the story really wasn’t that bad.

The paranormal element to it was pretty much she split herself in two. Would have been fun to see her explore this side more, maybe use her other half to do stuff. But that wasn’t the story, her other half was her ‘happy’ side. To pretty much help her understand her emotions and to get the guy.

Don’t have a huge selection to use as reference, romance wise. But I liked how it wasn’t an instant into her pants kind of thing. The relationship took time to unfold. The only sex scene it when into, it kind of brushed over it. Didn’t go into details, wasn’t really expecting that but was glad it did.

(Spoilers – Not really – Stuff that bugged me) 

She works out a lot, like everyday. Uses a punching bag everyday, yet couldn’t react to being attacked twice. Yet the third time she turned into a ninja. (Was very entertaining though)

She is 17 why would being alone last few years be a big thing.  2291 she refers to herself as nearly turning 13, then goes on to refer her friend as childhood friend. Why would you need to mention that when you clearly stated you were 12. Just seemed unneeded.

Oh, fuck me up in hell and give my bones to Cerberus – Was that a Mass Effect reference? 😀

Who takes a shower then goes to bed, wakes up and then takes another shower. She was also in the kitchen putting stuff in the fridge, then she goes to the bathroom to wash her hands.

There is 2 grammar/mistakes nothing crazy.

Would I recommend it? Yes. If you like romance.