Goodreads: Seahaven

Author: Raymond Cain

Published: 1st March 2017

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “He’s reckless, impulsive, and barely eighteen, but Flynn Arcturus is the best damn pilot on the ocean floor. In his short lifetime, he’s dealt with angry sea dragons and seductive mermaids, but nothing could have prepared him for the death of his parents.

Flynn’s parents aren’t the first to die under mysterious circumstances. Many residents of Seahaven, the domed underwater city where he lives, are getting killed by seemingly random acts of misfortune. When he investigates, he discovers an ancient threat, imprisoned for centuries, once again endangers Seahaven.

Equipped with superb piloting skills and an extraordinary ship built by his genius brother, Flynn may be the only one who can save Seahaven. But when he discovers what he’s up against, he realizes he’s out of his depth.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy of the book from the Author. This does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: Amazingly built seawater world, with all the creepy crawling creatures to go with. Oh and turtles. Who doesn’t love turtles. The world the author has build is very detailed and very thorough. Not one thing was left out, which made the world all the more real. (Real in the sense of if you ever came across living in a sea world. Whatever, you get me right?)

The main character is very real, he not really amazing at anything but being a pilot and a bit of a rule breaker. Which is what Seahaven needed. The fights were realistic, it wasn’t all one sided. He didn’t pick up a sword and sudden become a ninja, he had to work at it. Or had previous training with it. Most things though he did kind of wing it. But again it was realistic, nothing was over the top.

Some issues I found. I normally send these off to the author as well. But he not responded at all to any of my messages. So going to just slap them here for reference sake;

1362, 1907, 3372 – 3 blank pages before new chapter starts. 1999 – azurans were known (a = A, new sentence) 2792 – How does he know Flynn name. 2833 – Then goes “Your name is Flynn, right?” (You just used his name – odd) 3289 – Im glade you’re (glade = glad). Also why does Flynn keep referring to his father as Galyn? Comes across a little weird.

Would I recommend it? Yes. His prequel to the series, I got for free from his site.