Goodreads: The Becoming of Ellicia Wayfield

Author: Kemdi Ik

Published: July 2017 (Kay & Unruly Books)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 1/5 (Did not like it)

Official Summary: “Ellicia Wayfield doesn’t believe in the supernatural world, despite what she witnessed a year ago, especially now that she’s dealing with a lot: the loss of a family member, her upcoming seventeenth birthday, settling down in a new town and being the new kid at her school. Besides, not everything has to be a supernatural mystery. Right?

Often, odd occurrences can easily be explained away. For example, that weird student in one of Ellicia’s classes drinks blood, not because he’s a vampire, but because he’s part of some sort of satanic cult (or because Ellicia was drugged up on hallucinogens and ended up seeing things that weren’t real). There’s definitely no other explanation for that….

While some things can be explained away, others just can’t. They are what they are, just like this new reality Ellicia finds herself in. Then there’s also that word, destiny, which can sometimes be a burden. Just ask Ellicia.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy of the book from the Author. This does not affect my review in anyway.)

Review: *Rubs face* Where to start? I was never so happy in my life to finish a book. The end dream scene would have been perfect, if it was used. That was the only good thing about the book in my opinion. The whole book build up this whole fight for the end, which lasted. One second let me go count. 6.5 pages.

There was so much of a rush to add all these different elements to the paranormal, it just made it confusing. Why add so much? Focusing on one or two would have made the story so great. It would have slowed it down and let the book breath. It wasn’t here’s a new element, it was just pure information dumps. The whole book was just a rush. Hell it made me rush to finish it, not in a good way.

Now lets get to the second main problem. The main character. I have never in my life wanted to punch a character so hard in the throat before. Yes lets go to a carnival with bad guys trying to kill me. Like really? Her favorite line is ‘don’t speak to me again’. If I had the patience I could count how many times she said this, but I don’t. She wants to know everything about everything, yet as soon as someone says something she doesn’t like, she runs off. Repeatedly. It’s like the main character is a 2 year old having temper tantrums. A character she doesn’t trust asks for a pendant that was from her dead mom, and she just happens to give it up? Now I can’t place all the blame on just the main character. All the other characters pretty much were one layered, and kept running away from everything as well.

3 different people said 3 different things about the last protector. Haven’t had one in a decade, a full century and five decades. Very mixed information. Another thing he said, he not spoken to her since he dropped her off somewhere, yet he rang her while she was there? Sorry if it all came off a bit harsh, just a bit frustrated. The whole story concept and idea could have been amazing.

Would I recommend it? No, not really. Completely up to you.