Goodreads: The Dwellers

Author: Oyinda Aro

Published: **1st November 2017**

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “A shift in the night. A red phone box by arched trees. An enchanted world deep beneath London.

A family tragedy sets Asha on a peculiar vow of silence, until she meets the Dwellers, a community transported to our time from olde London. The Dwellers are in search of a missing part of their world, last spotted in 1821 when they were being hunted by the Bow Street Runners. Asha reunites with her estranged childhood friends, Sarah and Jonathan, to aid in the search. But they find a new enemy stalks the Dwellers. They are from modern day London. They are very determined. And they might be more dangerous than the runners ever were. They are the Mimes.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I was sent a copy from the Author for an honest review. This does not affect my review in anyway)

Review: Where to start? It was really good, like really good. So beautifully written was a pleasure to read. I read her prequel before this and I am still at a lose of where that story plays into this story. It might not at all. I think it too early in the series to tell. Her prequel is free to read, just click Free Books at the top, which show you where to get it from.

I have to use some stuff from my previous review on her work, simply because it fits this book perfectly as well. ‘Just the right amount of intriguing to make you want to know more.’ I was hooked from the start. The book isn’t action packed, it has it moments. Having it action packed would have taken away from the story. But you don’t get bored from moment to moment, the story keeps you sticking with it.

Again this book showed a great deal about the author. The style, pacing and just over all feel of the book was amazing well done. Did not like the ending though. Just simply because I wanted more, I wanted to find out what was going to happen. The book left so many questions. Questions that are important to the whole story. Which leaves you wanting more.

I like how the characters were done. They all had their own issues and their own way of doing things. None of the characters were the same, all had their own stories. Which added to the complexity of the story. You wanted to see the characters succeed. Even the ‘bad’ guy, you felt for him. He wasn’t really bad bad. He was in a grey area, which again just made it more interesting.

Overall it was very simply done, the story is complex and has many layers. But the author didn’t rush into it, she let the story speak for itself and let it breath. (Feel like I am become a wine expert all of a sudden.)

Would I recommend it? Yes. Yes. Buy it.