(Post is a little glory, you’ve been warned. Also swearing)

So my dog is a rescue dog her name is Missy. I’ve had her for over a year now and she was the best decision I ever made. Now lets come to the worse mistake I could ever make. So my bed is a ottoman (lifts up, storage underneath it). Missy is always attached to my hip, so didn’t think anything of it. Put the bed down and she screams at me. I only fucking caught her tail in the bed. *Slaps self*

Basically I cut a bit of her skin off near the tip of the tail. 3 visits to the vet and it was healing nicely, she hated the bandage changes. So I go work Wednesday night at 10pm, get home at 4am. (I had 4 hours of holiday – this was all preordained) I hadn’t put her cone on her head because she had been fine with the tail, not bothered with it at all.

Enter – murder scene. Bandage everywhere, blood everywhere. Dog staring at me guilt all over her face. I am like fuck a duck, really?! Like one more vet visit and we were done. So her tail is grey near the end, she had chewed that much into her tail, that she killed the end of it.

Cue few hours later, we at the vet. My regular vet wasn’t there. The other vet I met, is a specialist in soft tissue surgery (Like I said preordained). He like yup it’s gotta go. Which I already knew, which is why I didn’t feed Missy at all. We’ll do it today. Cue some more hours later. My dog now has the plastic of a syringe around her tail, and more than half her tail is gone. And mommy is now going to be £600 poorer by the end of it all.

She going to look so weird at the end of this all. Trust is so gone now, cone is going to be on all the time if she not within eyesight.

The kicker is, my next vet visit will be with my original vet. The lady will be like oh yeah bandage off all healed. Now it will be where has half her tail gone?

I am the worse mommy ever.