Goodreads: The House on the Hill

Author: Oyinda Aro

Published: Unknown (Independently Published)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “A baby spirited into the night.
A man with noble intentions.
A house of reform.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy from the author. This does not affect my review in anyway)

Review:  I liked it. Just the right amount of intriguing to make you want to know more. This book is a prequel for her series The Dwellers beneath the Arches. So it only 36 pages, which I felt was the right amount to introduce you to the series.

It did show a lot about the author, her great writing ability and her ability to start a book series off right. When I am reading independently published books, I find myself looking for errors. Errors whether in the pacing, the story line not quiet matching up or just basic mistakes. After about 3 pages I found that I had stopped looking for errors and just purely enjoyed reading the book. It was refreshing. The style also was very well done, it flowed effortlessly. I could have easily earned 4 stars but for how short it was. I wanted more.

I will be receiving a copy of The Dwellers beneath the Arches by the 23rd October. So stay tuned for my review on the first main book of the series.

Official Summary for The Dwellers beneath the Arches: “A shift in the night. A red phone box by arched trees. An enchanted world deep beneath London.

A family tragedy sets Asha on a peculiar vow of silence, until she meets the Dwellers, a community transported to our time from olde London. The Dwellers are in search of a missing part of their world, last spotted in 1821 when they were being hunted by the Bow Street Runners. Asha reunites with her estranged childhood friends, Sarah and Jonathan, to aid in the search. But they find a new enemy stalks the Dwellers. They are from modern day London. They are very determined. And they might be more dangerous than the runners ever were. They are the Mimes.”

Would I recommend it? Yes. It a very short read so don’t feel disappointed that it ends when you really want to know more. That’s the whole point of a prequel right? To suck you in. Count me as sucked in. (No clue where I was going with that one.)

You can get a free copy of The House on the Hill, just go to the author’s site. Here.