Goodreads: Kristian’s War

Author: Peter Wisan

Published: 21st August 2017 (Independently Published)

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 3/5 (Liked it)

Official Summary: “Kris Anders, a dirt-poor farmer, lives in a land where evil forces take the form of men. The sins of his past weigh heavily on his mind. When a stranger directs him to take a new path, Kris begins the journey of a lifetime towards a distant King who is rumored to solve all problems. But then a ruthless soldier is dispatched by the ruler of the dark land to capture or kill Kris. Everything leads to one final fight, where Kris must defeat the demons of his past or die.

Marine Corps veteran Peter Wisan delivers a gripping, tactical take on the spiritual journey in a blend of heart-stopping action and heart-rending loss. Order a copy now…if you have what it takes to join, KRISTIAN’S WAR.” – Goodreads

(Disclaimer: I requested a copy of the book from the Author. This does not affect my review in anyway)

Review: Weird, very weird. That’s not a bad thing. The way it written is very very intelligently done. Won’t lie the book made me feel like an idiot. It took me about half way through before the light bulb clicked in my brain. Then it was a “oh now I get it!”

(May contain some spoilers or hints of inner story)

All the character’s names all hint at the story. Not the story that is written, but the hidden meaning to the whole thing. Once you figure that out and what the inner story is about, the book is more enjoyable. Your not sitting there reading going WTF is going on. Like I said before it done very intelligently and a little crafty. Sneaked in there on me before I realized. Or I am just really slow. *shrug* The whole way it is done is very simple, yet very effective.

Fight scenes are good in places and then in others it’s a bit like, seriously? You got away way too easy. Could have gone into more details with the fights too, just to make the characters more badass. I am very lucky that I am a nerd. I used to play ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 with military based gaming units. Plus I still play some shooter based games. So all the military lingo I could understand very easily. I could see how that would confuse someone who not got any background involving any of that lingo. The information before the book starts, does help with that.

I am still sitting here slightly confused. Running the story through my head again just to catch what I missed the first time. I have to bow down to the author, he got me outside of my box of how I think about things.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Very highly, you really do need to pay attention though. Or not that’s your choice. I need to go to sleep, my brain hurts.